Why Proper Lawn Care Services Is Essential For Your Lawn

There are so many lawn care services available these days that it can become quite confusing. There are services ranging from simple cleaning and maintenance of lawns, right up to advanced landscape designing, landscaping and mowing. Let us take a closer look at some of the services offered by lawn care services. What is the difference between Landscaping and Lawn Care?

Lawn care in general refers to keeping the physical condition, color and life of existing lawns throughout the year. Some other services which fall under lawn care include pest control, weed control, water management, fertilizer, soil testing, aerating, seeding, root feeding for shrubs and trees and even irrigation. The main aim behind landscaping services is to provide a perfect ambience for outdoor living. They usually take care of all the required aspects like lawn mowing, trimming, fertilizing, weeding, mulching, etc., apart from carrying out any kind of major repair work on lawns and keeping a check on the color and health of grass.

Tillage is one of the most common lawn care services which involves removing grass clippings and other uneaten matter from the lawn. Some other yard care services which fall under the category of lawn mowing include dividing lawns, trimming lawns and adding a border to gardens. One of the major advantages of getting professional help for yard mowing and landscaping is that it will ensure that your lawn gets the required attention which it requires. You need to first understand the type of grass and weeds that you have in your lawn before you begin tilling, splitting or adding a border around your garden.

Aeration is the process of adding oxygen to a soil that is dead or that has become dead due to any reason. Lawn aeration is very important because it helps in improving the overall health and growth rate of the plants. The other main function of aeration in landscaping services is to control the population of shrub care weeds like dandelions, aphids, red grubs, bluegrass, crickets and others. Lawn aeration also helps in improving the water table of your soil.

The other major lawn care services include seeding and nutrient reseeding. Seeding refers to the practice of using fertilizers or other nutrients to increase the fertility of the soil and improve its growth. Usually, lawns are mown twice a year with one application of a fertilizer and left for three to four weeks to allow the grass to grow. During this time, all the roots of the grass reach the deeper layers of the soil and absorb as many nutrients as possible. Later on, you use these nutrients to feed the plants.

There are two ways of applying lawn nutrients, namely, chemically or artificially. Synthetic fertilizers are composed of various elements such as nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium and can either be in the form of powder or granules. Most lawn owners apply synthetic fertilizers in the spring while they leave the fertilizer on the ground until it starts to dry out in the fall. Many homeowners prefer to use synthetic fertilizers because they are more convenient than purchasing natural fertilizers and can also be used on a smaller scale. However, these synthetic products are not capable of producing high quantities of nutrients, which means that they are less effective at fertilizing your lawn than the chemical forms.

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