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Discover Plant Eke-Names That Originate From Animals

Even though the plant species and animal kingdoms have their differences, the two groups share certain factors. Never is that more visible when looking at plant eke-names which originates from animal names. while you are choosing new plans for your garden, you might be interested in their appearance in the same way you’ll want to know more about their background. Scientific names may be great tools that you can use to learn more about the numerous species but, you can use by-names to help you remember them. Below are some of the plant nicknames that come from animals.

Alocasia which is referred to this guide as elephant’s ear. It is an eke-name for Alocasia and Colocasia plants. This is a medium-sized plant which is known for its unique and extraordinary looking leaves. The plant has wide and veinous leaves, and this is where its nickname originated from.

Buddleia also called the butterfly bush. This shrub-like plant produces good-looking and this guide light flowers. This pant can easily capture the human eye. Many birds and butterflies also like the butterfly bush. It has flowers that smell like honey that captures flowers hence its name.

Dracocephalum can also be called dragonhead. The leaves of dragonhead have a lemon taste and are harvested because of this guide their organic essential oils, and their purple-blue blossoms will look beautiful when added to any spring garden. Dragonhead is a direct translation from the Latin scientific name of the plant. Bees get attracted to this guide this good-looking flowers making dragonhead suitable for nectar gardens.

Lychnis also known as catchfly. It is straightforward to comprehend why this plant developed its eke-name. This plant has vibrant pink, red and orange flowers which have a sticky calyx at the center.

Another plant is artemisia referred to as wormwood. The people and fans of absinthe may remember it from its relationship with the bitterness of the green drink. However, plant lovers know it better because of its soft and bright leaves. As opposed to other plants wormwood did not acquire its nickname from this guide its appearance. It was given the name weremod by the medieval people that can be roughly translated to man mood. People thought that the plant was named like this because of its mood-altering qualities.

Tradescantia which can also be called spiderwort. Another name for spiderwort is spider lily and this is a type of flower with light purple blossoms. The plant distinguishes itself in this guide flowering gardens and is preferred by many people because of its bead-like pods that appear in the place of the flower after flourishing. The, rationale behind the name spiderwort is more fascinating number plant. When you cut the stems of the spiderwort, the plant discharges a thick white substance. After they have hardened, the secretions look like spider webs.

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