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Benefits of Independent Bartending

Bartenders are the heart of service in an event. You can see this in the progression of the day or night as people move from food to more drinks. Whether it was a corporate event or a social one, the way it will end fall back to the bartender. There is, therefore, every reason for you to know how to bartend well in events like weddings. There is no shortage of such events, nut only if you are ready for them.

Before you start looking for such jobs, you need to first know how to bartend exceptionally well. This shall depend on the type of bartending training you have, and the level of experience you have bartending. You can only get some experience once you have the training. A lack of experience will hinder your chances of getting hired. The highly sought after experience in this industry is only possible when you have gotten some training to be trusted to bartend. You, therefore, need to have gone through a bartending school. The training you receive there should teach you consistency and adherence to quality service when producing the drinks ordered. You then need to have the right tools for the job. Every bartender has their preferred bartending kit, which you need to buy and care for. You can check out this collection.

When you are being contracted for a bartending job at a wedding, for example, you will have to state your price. You may go with the popular method of charging per hour using a flat rate. Others prefer to charge as per the season, and the kind of event they are serving. The best thing to do would be to research first on the market, before going for a given price range. There may be other bartenders in the area you can find out from the commonly quoted prices there, for a clearer perspective. You need to however make sure that you do not undermine your service. While this may seem like it will get you more gigs, it only ends up diminishing your talents. When you charge more, you seem more skilled and more capable, thus getting more gigs in the process.

There are even more benefits for getting involved in this career. For one, it is a flexible career to get into. You will take jobs you can commit to professionally, as opposed to reporting for duty daily. This is also a way for you to make more money. You shall charge per hour, as opposed to waiting for a smaller salary at the end of the month. It shall be more fun to attend and serve in different events all the time. This is also how you launch your own business and keep that sense of independence.

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